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Haven't posted in a while.

I have been re-reading the Black Dagger Brotherhod Series.. and I just got the READER.. which is good.  

What have others been reading.. I am dying to get my teeth into some new material to keep me going!

Since Fae Fever has been out for a few months... what do folks think???

Do you like it?

What about the ending?

Who is over at Karen't message boards?

Hope everyone had a nice New Years and got some gift cards to buy more books!


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did anyone catch the KKM chat?  Apparently the word from Karen is that ADAM will NOT be making a presence in the Fever series..... ;>(

he MAY be REFERRED to .. but he won't be in the series...! WWWHAAAAHHH!! ;>)

So... any thoughts about this....

Are you disappointed?  

Have you read Fae Fever?  What are your thoughts..

I am just depressed over the thought of Adam not being in the series.. I sooo thought he would be... it just seemed natural..

I miss him....



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IN OTHER NEWS.. CL WILSON"s King of SWORD and Sky is out!!!

and I am about 1/2way through it.  OH IT IS GOOD!!


If you haven't checked out this series PLEASE DO!

She has written Lord of the Fading Lands, Lady of Light and Shadow (her two premier books) and then this year King of Sword and Sky and QUeen .. of.. I can't remember.  

But this series is very very well written.  If you liked Lord of the Rings.. you should like this.

It is romance.. but it is fantasy romance.   The plot if VERY TIGHT. THe scenes are well written, the characters are also very well written.. you really can visualize the characters.  She has created this very interesting world and it is rich and detailed and very very very sensuous...  Lots of magic.. intrigue... epic ..

The love story is also very passionate and yet very sweet ....



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FAE FEVER? who has read?

I have been over at the KKM message boards... its a bit frustrating...  some of the information is useful.. but there are questions i want answered and not able to get a decent conversation going...

Who has read it here yet?

What did you think

I really liked it.. .. I thought it was the best Fever book..

I know it deviates greatly from her Romance and apparently that is pissing a few people off.. They don't like certain aspects of the book and I say "well then quit reading".

Rape I know is a touchy subject.. but why do you read certain books and then get all offended when there is a predictable scene?  It's not like it is graphic graphic.

But we know that Karen's romance scenes are pretty raw and dominant..

The Fever series hasn't shown much sex (that we are familiar with).. and it DEFINATLY is DOMINANT..

but I have my theories about sex.. and rape over on the board. I will repost it here under a spoiler...



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Thoughts about romance fiction in the modern world and Faefever and the shadow

I love to read.
I probably don't read as broadly as some.. I read mainly non fiction (socio/political commentary, history, science, environmentalism, spirituality) and my fiction generally entails just the romance/supernatural/fantasy genre.. with a bit of Science Fiction and odds and ends thrown in there.

Romance is my primary fiction genre.. but I am more sophisticated in my Romance reading. I occasionally pick up a regency.. cause it is what is at the library.. but I prefer supernatural/fantasy romance..

A lot of Romance writers are breaking out of the tight genre and writing more supernatura/fantasy stuff that happens to have romance or lust throw in. They started in formula romance and then got a following and stretched their wings.. Some ... Like CL Wilson wrote excellent fantasy that happen to be a romance from the start.

My Favorite writers are Karen Marie Moning (originally of Cincinnati) who originally wrote more "formula" romances with a time travel twist.. there has been a running theme in her world that she created that has evolved into a full blown Fantasy/Supernatural/ Drama .. It is REALLY GOOD and I want to talk more about this later.

I also like CL Wilson.. and I will talk more about her later too.

But I have to leave work now...


CONT: 9:02 PM

What is fiction? Why am I drawn so much to the fiction I read?

I just finished reading Fae Fever. I Don't want to give away spoilers so if you want to read it and haven't.. stop reading now.

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I haven't gotten a hold of Fae Fever yet.. they didn't have any copies close by to where I live... I am going far out tonight to pick up a copy...  (So no spoilers until then)

I am staying away from the KKM forums until I get through that book....

after all the crap in the world right now.. I need my escapist fix.

hope everyone is safe where you are...

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Dark Fever Podcast

Do folks know that Karen Marie MOnings Darkfever book is now on Podcast?  They have taken the audio book and put it on Itunes FOR FREE!.

Check it out

I am waiting anxiously for FaeFever...

and then  Cheryl Wilson's next installment is coming out too!

There is a lot of good stuff out there.

Anyone reading anything good??

Anyone writing anything??/

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Black Dagger Brother hood and other tales

I am currently reading Lover Eternal from the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward.
It is ok..Very testosterone driven definatly.

SOme of the scenes are steamy... although I have to say that her choice of names is kind of corny.. but I am ignoring that..

I think that Karen Marie Moning still is better at her Alpha Males in her Highlander series.

But I am enjoying the diversion definately.

I just finished reading the Young Adult Twilight vampire romance series...

It was OK. I am getting very picky about plot.. advancement.. etc.. but I thought the idea was ok.

I just don't get into raw sex... I think I see this trend about raw sex.. which I think that dominates that other writers books... and has been roundly criticised for...

(Lauren K Hamilton)

Don't have the characters just jump at each other.. you have to make them want each other.. lure me in...

But the dominance.. the posession. I don't know why that is so attractive....

I just turned 40 and I have YET to find a decent man. I don't think they exist.. AT ALL!

I mean I realise I probably have about 50 qualities that they must have before I will consider them. But this is only because I have see tragedy unfold..


I get sick of reading the back bios on these authors.. "My supportive wonderful husband' ICK.

Sorry.. I have been eternally single.. for better or worse.

But men don't want relationships or commitment anymore. We all are soveriegn on our own humans. We can use each other.. but don't need each other.

You don't need to get married.. becuase we all are making decent wages and women have come a long way...

Men don't need to be polite.. because women don't need the coddling.. (or do they?)


I realise I am a major romantic.... more so everyday...

it is my weakness and I probably will be alone until I am 90... and then die...


Sorry... some post 40 b-day blues... ;>)

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